Peaceful Heights Montessori Preschool and Child Care
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Montessori Preschool Education Services

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Infant - Toddler - Preschool - Kindergarten

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Peaceful Heights Montessori Preschool and Child Care

 375 Marie Ave. East

West St. Paul, MN 55118

Hours: 6:30a.m.-6:00p.m.

Phone: 651-451-1498

Fax: 651-451-1369 


Toddler Opens

Education is an important consideration when choosing Child Care.

Peaceful's Program for Infant /Toddler Care and Education offers a great platform for your child's growth and emotional well being.

It provides the path to confidence, creativity, compassion, uniqueness and intelligence.

15 Reason to consider Montessori for Kindergarten 

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ASK FOR-   Clear parent education materials from the Montessori Community.

"One Hundred Child Development Tips: Insights and Suggestions from Montessori Teachers" Book Published by Sandpiper Press LLC.

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Services offered  -  Child Care; Infant, Toddlers, Preschooler
Montessori Half day, Full day, All day and Early All day

These rates are subject to increase with the change in rates for child care in Dakota County and annual review.

Child Care  (6:30 AM to 5:30 PM with a limit of 9 hours per day)

Infant                       $384 per week  $1665 per month, per hour $13.67, per day $112                    

Toddler                   $328 per week,  $1420 per month, per hour $11.86, per day $87                    

Preschool               $296 per week,  $1283 per month, per hour $10.83, per day $76                     

Child Care              $296 per week,  $1283 per month, per hour $10.83, per day $76                    

Kindergarten          $240 per week, $1040 per month, per hour $10.00, per day $72

Child Care is billed per hour until the per day rate is less, and per day until the per week rate is less. 

Billings are per week or monthly, due on the first day of school each week or month.

The Montessori Method delivers a high quality education service to families and children and generally is accepted as more beneficial than Child Care.  Montessori is perceived by many to have a higher value. Montessori was created to help the working parents of children.  Most children are outwardly developmentally equal at age 2 years and the goal is to encourage children to learn as they are naturally inclined within a rich learning environment of activities and interaction. 

Peaceful Heights Montessori School delivers a Montessori Education in place of child care.  

Before and After School Care (either, 6:30 AM to bus time; or, bus time to 6:00 PM)  Scheduled per day, not exceeding 3 hours     $26

Enrollment Fee per child $75           

Siblings of the same parent receive a 10% discount on the lowest of the two or three weekly fees, provided, charges are paid weekly or in advance of the services.

Other Scholarships and Discounts are available when charges are paid weekly or in advance of the service.