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GO FUND ME effort supports 3rd year preschool for children, families and networks who desire highest-quality outcomes for the child to start first grade.
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“10 Hints for Teaching Your Child to Read”

1. Read to your child. Choose books you both enjoy.

2. Play word games. Nursery rhymes and songs

3. Play sound games. Think of a word that begins with M. Mmmmmm (mop, map, monkey)

4. Pick a symbol. Say, “What do you hear first when I say moon?”

5. Write words or stories. These are dictated by the child. Make pictures to go with the stories.

6. Encourage the child to scribble, write letters and draw.

7. Avoid criticism.

8. Play games with blocks, memory cards and puzzles

9. Point to short words when you read. Ask the child to repeat them.

10.Be sensitive to the child’s attention span. Expect short practice times.

Taken from Master Teacher Bobby Malslen